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​ZU Tianli



Dr. ZU Tianli is a multimedia artist based in Australia. She was born in Beijing and obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1988, she migrated to Sydney where she continues the pursuit of her artistic career. In 2011, she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney and later obtained her Doctorate in 2014. In 1988, her artwork was selected by China Post as one of the 12 zodiac stamps for the Year of the Dragon. She was also a finalist in the 2015 Archibald Prize. Her work has been exhibited in various locations, including a giant lantern “Mahjong Cow” sculpture in Martin Place, Sydney, and a series of light installations at the National Library of Australia in Canberra. Dr. ZU Tianli’s artwork involves a variety of mediums including intuitive paper cutting, animation, and film, and addresses complex social phenomena from cultural, philosophical, and psychological perspectives.

ZU Tianli, The Sound of the Stream (小溪流水声), 2021, Oil on linen with paper cuts, 123 x 186

The Sound of the Stream



Oil on linen with paper cuts

123 x 186 cm

ZU Tianli, The Park is Closed, 2020, Oil on linen, 198 x 152 cm.png

The Park is Closed


Oil on linen

198 x 152 cm

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