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YU Xiangrong



YU Xiangrong (Peter) was born in Guangzhou, China in 1959. YU Xiangrong is a self-taught artist and painter. In his early years, he was hired by Guang Zhou Yang Cheng Art Publisher, to engage in advertising drawing, painting, design and art decoration. He is fascinated by sketching, using brushes to describe the dreams in his mind, looking for ways to portray the love and beauty of life. Peter uses colours to capture the forest and the sea, using nuanced light and lines to tell the story of nature in a free and simplistic manner. In 1989, he moved to Sydney, Australia and started his art decoration, advertising and design company. His new works find its way to the collection of individuals as soon as they are completed and there are nearly a hundred of them since he started. He often participates in organising collective outdoor sketching and preparing for painting exhibitions, providing creative opportunities and exhibition platforms for Sydney artists.

YU Xiangrong, Bustling Streets of Newtown, Oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm.jpg

Bustling Streets of Newtown



Oil on canvas

76 x 61 cm

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