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The "All Fresh" group exhibition, organized by Live in Art Sydney, is a celebration of the exceptional talent of Chinese artists residing in Australia. With a focus on showcasing their art on a common platform, the exhibition aims to spark the artistic passion and creativity of the participating artists, fostering a connection through the universal language of art.

Each of the artists in "All Fresh" is from China and has lived or settled in Australia for an extended period of time, bringing with them a unique blend of traditional Chinese art and Western contemporary influences to their works. Their creations reflect a combination of personal artistic concepts and cultural perspectives, providing a captivating and thought-provoking experience for the audience. The exhibition aims to break down cultural and national barriers, sharing the unique perspectives and individual artistic languages of the participating artists.

With a larger scale, higher quality, and greater professionalism, "All Fresh 2023" is poised to be a major event in the Chinese art scene in Australia. The exhibition will feature 26 talented artists from various Australian states, curated by renowned Australian Chinese artist and curator, Guan Wei. The works on display will encompass painting, calligraphy, and sculpture, showcasing a blend of Eastern and Western cultures and aesthetics.

This year's exhibition promises to be an important milestone in the cultural and artistic convergence between Australia and China. The participating artists bring with them a solid background in traditional Chinese academia, as well as a unique place in the trend of Western contemporary art. Their works resonate with the audience and have a profound impact, providing a truly unique aesthetic and artistic experience.

We invite you to join us in discovering the latest developments in Chinese art in Australia. Get ready for a new chapter in cultural and artistic convergence between Australia and China with "All Fresh 2023.

All Fresh - Group Exhibition of Outstanding Chinese Australian Artists, jointly organized by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Live in Art Sydney focuses on the personal experience and reflection in their artistic journey of the 26 Chinese Australian artists and presents the new creation landscape of the Chinese Australian Artists. The Audience will see in the exhibition the outstanding works and the various artistic styles and forms, which integrate the past and present and blend the Chinese and Western expressions. These artists forge the eastern wisdom and culture into their works created in Australia. They are the representatives of carrying on the Chinese culture overseas and bring the artistic impact across time and space, bridging the artistic dialogues between China and Australia. China Cultural Centre in Sydney will continue to introduce the excellent Chinese culture and art, build a platform to deepen exchanges between the Chinese and Australian artists and enhance the mutual understanding between the two peoples.

--XIAO Xiayong, Director of China Cultural Centre and China National Tourist Office in Sydney

I truly believe if you can’t find a stage to shine on, then you must create your own stage. We who work in the field of art are united by a strong sense of passion and perseverance. The return of the All Fresh group exhibition in 2023 after a three-year hiatus satisfies the shared expectation of outstanding Chinese artists living in Australia and is a great opportunity for art collectors to add to their collections. It is our hope that every visitor to our All Fresh 2023 exhibition will appreciate life and cherish every moment in all of its glory.

--WU Maggie, Director of Live In Art Gallery

After the global pandemic, All Fresh exhibition makes a triumphant return in 2023. Despite all of the hardships in the past three years, artists were given the rare opportunity of introspection and rejuvenation. Art has taught us resilience and hope, and I hope this exhibition will inspire and energise visitors. I am wishing the exhibition great success, and I am eager to share its vibrant and transformative impact with the world.

--GUAN Wei, curator

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