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GUAN Wei (关伟)



Dr. GUAN Wei, born in 1957 in Beijing, China. 1986 graduate from the Department of Fine Arts at Beijing Capital University, 1989 - 1992 Artist-in-Residence, Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart Artist-in-Residence, Canberra School of Art, Australian National University and Artist-in-Residence, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. 1993 under the distinguished immigration to Australia. In 2008 set up a studio in Beijing. Now lives and works in both Beijing and Sydney. GUAN Wei has held more than 70 solo exhibitions internationally. GUAN Wei has also attended many important international contemporary exhibitions, such as Shanghai Biennial; Cuba 10th Havana Biennial; Australia Adelaide Biennial, and Third Asia Pacific Triennial; Japan Osaka Triennial; Kwangju Biennial, etc. He has been awarded in many art competitions. Including the 2002 Sulman Prize at Art Gallery of NSW Australia; and the 2015 Arthur Guy Memorial Prize, at Bendigo Art Gallery VIC. 2021 grant a doctorate of creative art (honoris causa) by Western Sydney University.

GUAN Wei, Mystical Connection No.6 (神脉 之六), 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 106 x 130 x 3.5 cm  (

Mystical Connection No.6


Acrylic on canvas

160 x 130 x 3.5 cm (6 cm gap between each panel)

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