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​BAI Xueyi



Shanghai-born BAI Xueyi studied calligraphy at Shanghai Normal School and Shanghai University Fine Arts College. She is the Vice President of the Australia China Cultural Arts Research Institute, and has become a member of the Chinese and Shanghai Calligraphers Associations in 1992. Xueyi learned Ouyang Xun’s kaishu and xingshu scripts from Mr. DAN Xiaotian and Mr. WU Jianxian. Her calligraphy has won many national competitions and exhibitions. BAI Xueyi has been invited and held several solo calligraphy exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Since coming to Australia, she has held solo calligraphy exhibitions at Nolan Art Gallery, and participated in charity auctions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. Xueyi has lectured on Chinese calligraphy at Brett Whiteley Studio, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, and Live in Art Sydney, making significant contributions to promoting Chinese calligraphy and cultural exchanges between China and Australia.

BAI Xueyi, The Heart Sutra (心经 楷书四条屏), 2022, Ink on rice paper, 70x 38 cm each (4 panels).

The Heart Sutra


Ink on rice paper

70 x 38 cm each (4 panels)

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